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08. Brown Is Beautiful

My favorite color is “Baked Potato Skin”, said no one ever. It’s a shame, though because brown is elemental, literally.  Technically, brown doesn’t show up on the color wheel because it’s more a shade than hue. Mix up a bunch of reds, yellows and even blues and you’ll get to brown pretty quickly. Brown conjures up a lot of associations, but unfortunately, not all of them are great.  But do you know who loves brown?  Artists.  Yep, people who create art have been using iron oxides and other minerals found in the terra firma to mix into brown pigments since they started painting on cave walls. Using shades of brown in interiors can create a sense of calm and repose.  It’s restful for the eyes and the soul and doesn’t scream for attention like some those other showy hues do.  (I’m talking about you, yellow.) Brown is primal.  Brown is humble. And brown is beautiful.