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13. And Then There’s Mauve

PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS THROWING SHADE AT MAUVE. “Mauve is pink just trying to be purple”, “Never trust a woman who wears mauve”, or the pejoratively-laced “Menopausal Mauve”. Watch your mouth. Mauve can be an excellent way to step up your design game. It all started back in the olden days when doctors started treating malaria with quinine.  Then, yadda-yadda-yadda, mix the quinine with coal tar and a bunch of other stuff in a lab in the 1800’s and presto – Mauve pigments and dyes were born. It took a lot of coal to make this color and textiles that used this dye were crazy expensive. Mauve was given it’s moniker from the name of a French mallow plant whose flowers are of a similar hue.  It was the height of sophistication during Victorian times and like pretty much everything of that era, it fell out of favor for quite a while.  But don’t discount this hue.  It’s a sophisticated and subtle neutral that adds interest where gray and beige fall flat.  It has chameleon-like quality that when paired with other colors can create some really beautiful palettes.  Sure, you could follow the crowd and consider pink or lavender, but then there’s Mauve.