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05. Feelin' Green

Designers’ homes, mine included, are used as much as laboratories as they are for living.  I am constantly trying out new ideas or concepts in my own space before I foist them on unsuspecting clients.  The use of color is one way to experiment and I just can’t get away from green. My friend, Scott, calls me the “Queen of Green” like that’s problematic or something. The more green, the better is my motto and for good reason. This hue is the most pervasive color in the natural world and it occupies more space on the visible spectrum than any other. Green provides tranquility, lifts our spirits, calms frazzled nerves and encourages compassion.  It also plays well with pretty much every other hue. Whether it’s emerald, sage, olive or celadon, there is a shade of green for everyone.  Use a little or a lot; being green is easy.