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04. Suck it, Edgar.

French Impressionist Edgar Degas said, “What a horrible thing yellow is.”  If you replace “horrible” with “cheeriest, most delightful” then you’ll be on the right track.  Yellow shines with optimism, encourages communication and sparks creativity. However, if you spend too much time in a space that is primarily true yellow, you may start to feel your brain screaming “GET OUT!”  Yellow makes your gray matter work harder than any other hue, so apply only as needed. Designer tip to any mom’s-to-be out there:  DO NOT paint the nursery yellow, unless you want a cranky baby.  This hue overloads their tiny infant brains when they start seeing color because there aren’t enough neural pathways in place for them to process it. Yellow can also signal high alert in the parts of our brain that perceive danger and threat. When combined with black, yellow will signal us to take yield.  Many poisonous things in nature have this color combination, such as bees, snakes, spiders, venomous frogs and even plants. Holy crap! Pay attention, people! Yellow is anything but mellow, but when used judiciously it’s a great accent choice for an active, lively and definitely-not-horrible palette. So, suck it, Edgar.