Pink. It’s not just for little girls and sissies anymore.

Yeah, pink.  I’m not talking about a magenta throw pillow here or a salmon arm chair there.  But pink.  Dusty, light, pastel pink as the focal point of a room.  Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I’m all about color.  There really isn’t a hue that I don’t like (except Crayola Seafoam Green, but that’s a long story).  When I started to see this color of confection showing up in European interiors this year, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I mean, pastel PINK….seriously?  Have we run out of color palette ideas already?  And then it really started to grow on me.  Why not pastel pink?  Designers have been pulling off all sorts of crazy stuff over the years and quite a few of them are strokes of pure genius.  Would you have the balls to say “yes” to a pink room?  If you do, I want to talk to you.  I’ve got some ideas.

So, take a fresh look at pink.  It’s the new persimmon.

Brass is back, baby!

Like everything in design, things fall in and out of favor with alarming regularity.  But if you live long enough, you’ll see trends come back into popularity with new interpretations.  I’ve been seeing a lot of polished brass showing up in interiors lately.  My first reaction was, “What the hell is going here?!?”  Flashbacks to all the horrid brass + glass awfulness that was all the rage in the 1980’s started bombarding my sensitive designer brain.  But I, Jennifer Gustafson, who would have certainly thrown up in my mouth a little at the sight of any polished brass not that long ago am coming around. The reinterpretation of the much maligned metal in modern interiors has converted me from a hater to a lover.  See what I mean?

Bein’ Green

You never know where or when inspiration will strike.  I’ve been on a green kick, lately.  I love how you can layer a whole bunch of greens and the combinations can inspire completely unique designs.  See what I mean?