Color My World - 2014

It’s a whole new year, so we must have a new favorite color for 2014.  Pantone, the reigning king of color forecasting, releases color trend reports twice a year.  Their projections heavily influence fashion trends, which show up in Spring and Fall collections.  Then we start seeing influences in interior design, graphic design, and product design shortly thereafter.  I started to see a lot of jewel tones make appearances in late 2013, so it should be no surprise that they are included with this year’s interior color palette leanings. Pantone’s favorite color for 2014 is “Radiant Orchid”.  Many paint companies, having jumped on the band wagon, have recently announced their own “Colors of the Year”.  Benjamin Moore followed up with “Breath of Fresh Air”, Dulux with a teal tone cleverly monikered “90GG 19/151”, and Sherwin Williams rounded out the pack with “Exclusive Plum”. Do you see a room in one of these hues in your future?


I’ve got a thing for graphic elements in rooms and I definitely have a special fondness for the bullseye.  There is something about them that sort of draws me in.  Whether they are clear graphic forms or abstracted, they look great in contemporary rooms.  Using them in interiors is an interesting way to infuse color and form, as well as to add some curves to soften up a typically rectilinear space.

Pink. It’s not just for little girls and sissies anymore.

Yeah, pink.  I’m not talking about a magenta throw pillow here or a salmon arm chair there.  But pink.  Dusty, light, pastel pink as the focal point of a room.  Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I’m all about color.  There really isn’t a hue that I don’t like (except Crayola Seafoam Green, but that’s a long story).  When I started to see this color of confection showing up in European interiors this year, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I mean, pastel PINK….seriously?  Have we run out of color palette ideas already?  And then it really started to grow on me.  Why not pastel pink?  Designers have been pulling off all sorts of crazy stuff over the years and quite a few of them are strokes of pure genius.  Would you have the balls to say “yes” to a pink room?  If you do, I want to talk to you.  I’ve got some ideas.

So, take a fresh look at pink.  It’s the new persimmon.